My name is Robert Anthony. I have been involved with ancient and Biblical studies for about 12 yearsan alchemical process of spiritual cultivation (true occultism). My official works can be found here on my website, www.whathasbeenwritten.com.

Moreover, the Bible is not a Christian source (as many are mislead into thinking). Rather, it is a gathering of ancient Hebraic mysticismdisagreeing theological perspectivesplaced together in between a front and back cover, often mistranslated. Its esoteric and mythological content can also be compared to that of many other cultures and religions, explicit parallels being scattered abroad (although this field of study often gets misused by people). This is actually a very key and vital point to understand (if you are new to my work), as it will unlock further doors into deep and enigmatic knowledge of this world.

As for my personal views, I am an occultist, yet define my spiritual studies as genuine and realisticnot to be confused with the pretending sort of nonsense seen in the world of the so-called dark arts (which lacks substance and wisdom). Really, my viewpoint cuts back to antiquity, understanding this earth as a mystical object of communication; thus, I engage in actual magic practices of divination. To understand my perspective further however, you can read through my writings. I also welcome discussion/debate, and can be contacted via email.