Consolidating the tenets of the adversarial archetype and alchemy, Adversemy—at its core—is the study of Satan, only refined and perceived from its traditional context of antiquity. And so, I have coined it as such.

Moreover, this is not merely the release of a written document, but rather, an introduction into the ideology itself as a whole. Due to the gratuitous misapprehension of mainstream "Satanism," masses of people have been warped and deluded into a distorted viewpoint of what the devil even is. They have reduced the concept of "Satan" to a meaningless image of provocation and merchandise, failing to understand the central and animistic essence of the motif (satan being an astrological principle of the occult, coinciding with the Trismegistus aphorism).

This release is both a grimoire and an overview, covering a multiplicity of satanic figures as well as linguistical information. It is very anti-Christian themed and coated in ancient references.  

Adversemy is available in PDF form and can be downloaded here (or requested via email).

[Also see the accompanying video]

Robert Anthony

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