In today's spiritually deprived world of digital networking, "internet occultism" can be seen making its way⁠—like a swarm of mitesacross the algorithmic platforms of cell phone applications. This is a digital age; these things literally run the world today, and consequently, people have given in to nonsense quite hastily. One graphic example of such nonsense is of course Hyperianism, a movement (by default) associated with a man who goes by the name of Morgue. Who is Morgue? He is just another example of commercial occultism.

You see, when it comes to the social media based communities of "occultism" and "witchcraft" (particularly on Instagram), the lack of substance is quite manifest. Anybody who is familiar with my work knows my perspective on this very issue, as I readily distribute controversial occult content which drives away the masses due to cognitive dissonance. Promptly refusing to give in to the nonsense of the mainstream, I present actual mystical practices of divination, pursuing deep esoteric studies of hidden wisdom; and unlike the commercialized multitudes, true occultists and witches can likewise be found on my page learning along with me. You see, contrary to the majority, we are concerned with actual theology.

Now, everybody has seen Morgue before⁠, as he periodically shows up with IGTV/YouTube videos displaying his Hyperian message of "New World Order". I was never motivated enough to write an article on the matter however, since it is just another example of the sort of general pseudo-spirituality I expose quite regularly. Well, all until recently that is, when I began to notice that he is influencing celebrities with his movement. That is quite a massive reach, and therefore a problem. Famous people retain power of platform, and therefore (at the click of a button) may influence untold thousands of people. Moreover, what you need to understand about celebrities is, they typically have no mental stability, since the fame and numbers go right to their heads. People of the world simply have no clue how to handle the mind; they are completely unaware of its nature. Thus, celebrities end up displaying an utter disconnection with reality due to a complete lack of mental prepotence—the overwhelming amount of pomposity engulfing them into a cavity of a perspective. And Morgue is over here feeding them ice cream (flattery). This is why he is able to gather a "Macy's Day Parade" of a following; it is a fake message he brings.

To begin, Morgue teaches in direct opposition to the occult practice of necromancy. On his website he claims:
"You never die. Only your bodily avatar passes away, but you are not your body." (Death is an Illusion)
This odd teaching makes the concept of "the dead" completely obsolete. The pivotal essence of necromancy is the corpse itself (i.e. the dead), yet Hyperians turn the corpse into an object distinct from the human being, subsequently diminishing the notion of necromancy. This strange Christian doctrine Morgue teaches is not only against ancient ideology (e.g. Egyptian, Greco-Roman, etc.), but also in complete contrast to nature itself⁠—the solar ecliptic corresponding phenomena of the heavens displaying light (wisdom) out of darkness (death),  reflecting the earthly occurrence below (microcosm). But do Hyperians understand such alchemy? Well of course not. You see, the entire notion hangs on the idea of the body returning to the dust from which it came, only to unify with the mystical earth itself in the end, and thus the ouroboros cosmology of life and death. This is why Book XI of Virgil's The Aeneid places emphatic focus upon the burial of the corpse itself. The practice of ancient necromancy is central to mankind's existence, and is a foundational point of the actual occult.

Furthermore, it is apparent that Hyperians do not understand the nature of the Bible; Morgue speaks as if the writings themselves are the problem,1 where in reality, Christianity (and their lies) is the issue. You see, pivotal to actual occultism is the understanding that the Bible is not a Christian source, but rather, a voluminous gathering of astrological occult literature. Christians (who reject the obvious pagan teachings of the Bible) simply lie, claiming that the Bible is "Christian." And, gullible people⁠ end up taking their word for it. Instead of Morgue properly explaining this to his massive following, he offers a rather confusing perspective. For instance, he will speak of mystical interpretations,2 yet fault the Bible itself as the problem. If it is an interpretational issue, then it is not the writings that are the problem; it is the interpreters. Morgue fails to catch this.3

Furthermore, in providing commentary on Genesis 22, Morgue speaks of the story of Abraham and Isaac in the context of an actual event of people.Notice, "people" are celestial concepts in Genesis (e.g. Genesis 37:9-10), and even a "mountain" in the case of Hagar (Galatians 4:24-25). Morgue doesn't tell this to his viewers though. Actually, child sacrifice in mythology is simply another depiction of the ouroboros, as man comes from God5 (Genesis 1:26-27), child comes from man (Genesis 15:4); the offering of the child back to the starting point simply displays the circularity of the ouroboros in the form of a mystery text (i.e. a sacrificial story). It is no different than Cronus devouring his children in Greek lore (another ourorobos). This is simply esoteric mythology—nothing entailing an event of actual people on earth.

Additionally, in the Hyperian Unity Document, on page 2 it says: "The Hyperian New World Order, guided by logic and reason . . ." On page 4 it says: "Logic and reason will prevail." Of course, by this he means his opinions of what logic and reason are. The subjectivity of Hyperian thinking is quite manifest in the fact that they condemn "old, traditional ways" (p. 2), yet claim: "We will bring back balance. We will restore sanity." Bring back? Restore? Those terms point to the past ("old"). Just what is being restored at that point? An old way ("we will bring back")? In other words, it is certain kinds of old ways Morgue is against⁠—making the entire "old vs new" point of view he preaches quite selective and meaningless.

In summary, these things are no surprise. The mainstream occult/witchcraft is hitting the media more and more by the day. Society⁠—with its complete and utter lack of discernment⁠—is tunneling giant masses of people into directions of absurdity. Thankfully, actual spiritual studies (with substance) will shield the individual from such foolishness of the world.

Robert Anthony



1. e.g. A Conversation with a Crazy Christian - Was Abraham Evil? @ 7:13 or 19:09

2. e.g. Will DMT Replace Religion? @ 10:05; The REAL Meaning of the Garden of Eden

3. Also see my articles: The Biblical Occult Christian Falsehood

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5. God (אֵל) simply means "power" in Hebrew (e.g. Genesis 31:29).

6. By the way, Genesis is an anachronistic account. This can be seen both in Genesis 2:14 of the Septuagint where the text places the Assyrians in the time frame of Adam (before they existed), or even in Genesis 22:14 (the chapter at hand) where the writer says: "of which is it said today." The text simply points to later Hebrews redacting animal sacrifice into a human sacrifice story (Genesis 22:13), as is hinted towards in Ezekiel 20:25-26 (cf. Exodus 22:29-30; Judges 11:31-39; [cf. Micah 6:7-8; Hosea 6:6]).

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