Within the cryptic paradigm of ancient divination, ornithomancy not only ranks as one of the most powerful in its practice, but was also put to use⁠ in particular by the Greeks and Romans. Aside from its usage in The Odyssey, such omens can likewise be spotted within the Hebraic texts of the Bible (e.g. 1 Kings 17:4-6; Job 12:7; Matthew 26:34; Mark 14:30). Be it the flight, sounds, or actions of birds in general, this practice mystically allows the interpreter to cut into the hidden knowledge of nature⁠—pattern correlated depictions pointing in directions of obtainable mastery.

What you are seeing here (in the picture) is an example of an actual ornithomantic omen taking place. The photo was taken at about 6am, this instance of roaming birds following hours of previous meditation (in that same patio area). Let it be noted: this kind of event of wandering turkeys is emphatically unusual for this location (hence the photography). It took place at my family members house, such a thing having never occurred there before (see below).

Nevertheless, omens work in this manner—context, timing, uniqueness. I document this for the purpose of exemplification, as I practice this art on a periodical basis (among other things). And let it further be noted: this kind of impulsive occurrence is not a supernatural event—although some may consider it to be⁠—but instead, a motif of nature. Actually, cicadas are a perfect example of nature working in this kind of way; the insects arrive only in a seasonal manner (13-17 years), but the earth is in no way limited to such a phenomenon, as many other things likewise act in this way. It is simply a matter of being studied in the patterns and timing.

Additionally, about only a month or two prior to this event, these four birds (to the left) showed up randomly one day, but this time in the front yard (my ex-wife and I were staying at this home temporarily). Both of these events were unique to this particular summer⁠ of 2019. These birdsstrange to the areacamped out in the yard for some time, with only one of them "crowing," the others following along in their journey of movement. However, the next morning, only one of the birds showed up again in the yard, and after that, they were never spotted again.

The meaning? What we are seeing here is a ten year recurrence pattern. These four birds signify four recurring events which parallel things that took place ten years prior (2009). The single bird which revisited the next morning of course implies the mark of the new season which would take place after, as it follows the four instances. I am actually convinced (based on the examination) that this was specifically a pattern of opposites, as four specific events that pertain to my life which took place in 2009 parallel four others in 2019, only in an "opposite form." When things on this earth align (so to speak), they can be matched with other phenomena (and this allows one to tap into the foretelling of events, similar to the prediction of an eclipse, based on positioning).

These things may sound highly odd and unusual to a layperson who is unfamiliar with true divination, but it is not unusual to the ancient practitioner. For instance, read Genesis 41 in the Bible (which is a pagan and occult source). Joseph (who admits to practicing divination, Genesis 44:5, 15) is seen interpreting an omen of cows⁠ which took place in Pharaoh's dream. Notice, seven cows "randomly" represent seven years of famine. One may wonder how in the world this could even be the case, but again, it is only another day in the life of the diviner (understanding such symbolism on an expert level).

Finally, many people have a perverse understanding of this earth, as they allow modernistic ideas to control their minds (rather than seeking for themselves). The ancient understanding of "birds" was not as today's "scientific culture." Rather, the ancients understood these beings as mystical objects, a channel into deep and enigmatic knowledge. The fools of today's world simply allow secular thinking to rule their minds, as they reject the spiritual earth around them, day in and day out.

- Robert Anthony

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