Joy of Satan?

The "Joy of Satan" website (, is something that I came across several years ago, I believe in a comment section on youtube. The Bible? Christianity? Satanism? These are all topics that I deal with quite regularly. And so, I payed the link a visit. 

In one of their articles they write:
There is nothing at all spiritual about the Bible or Christianity. (
Christianity is not spiritual? I am fine with that being said (since the Christian religion is based on a dishonest and compulsory dogmatic point of view), but to assert that there is nothing spiritual about the Bible is simply absurd. The Bible is a compilation of satanic occult literature—a blatant case of esoteric mythology. It is not a Christian source. This website even elsewhere admits that the Bible is "Jewish witchcraft."1 Witchcraft is very spiritual.

Additionally, in their article entitled Exposing the Old Testament they attempt to argue in the context of comparative religion. However, they apparently think that if one mythological story "predates" another, that this demands it was stolen by the latter. This is actually a typical assumption, but it is not a good way to go about the research. For instance, theoretically speaking, the text which "dates later" may have simply been written down later, having earlier roots in an oral transmission. Remember, ancient cultures are in no way limited to texts or scrolls. And moreover, notice archaeological discoveries such as the Papyri, or the Dead Sea Scrolls—they both contain textual variation. Thus, who knows what else is out there yet to be discovered. Therefore, we should not assume one is stolen from the other merely based on the method of "dating." It is not enough evidence. 

Lastly, they say "There are endless contradictions and opposing verses in the Bible.There are contradictions with the Epic of Gilgamesh. There are also contradictions in Dionysus mythology. Such a thing is not considered "surprising" in archaeological studies. But why pick on the Bible specifically? Doing so comes across as a bit, well, selective. There is no reason to distance the Bible from these other mythological records. Moreover, the Hebrew culture also wrote in opposite form (see The Occult Path). This is called occultism. 

Finally, this website contains contradiction. They say there is nothing spiritual about the Bible, and yet call it witchcraft. That is double talk.

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